Lentor Central, Tampines Street 62 Sites Launched For Tender

The URA as well as the HDB on Thurs 15 April kicked off 2 lands at Lentor Ctrl together with Tamp St Sixty-two (Parcel A) for bidding.

Kicked off up for sale under the authenticated selection in the 1st 6 months ’21 GLS Programme, both grounds come with a Ninety-nine yrs rent tenancy. Together, they can yield roughly 1thousand 1hundred 95 household units.

Section for non commercial with industrial at first level convenience, the location at Lentor Ctrl has a surface area of 17.28K square meter including a highest gross floor area of 60thousand 4hundred 80 square meter. The optimum property height for the ground is Thirty Five metres SHD in the low level zone, and One hundred and seven m SHD in the high-rise region. The property might supply approximately 6hundred 5 units.

Huttons Asia foresees the ground to appeal to beyond ten prospective buyers, by having the top quote going from $1thousand to $One thousand Fifty per sq ft per plot ratio.

Bartley Vue floor plan

It identified the location as “possibly the leading site within the first half ’21 GLS program”.

” There will be suppressed interest as the past debut in the area was The Calrose in 2K05,” it pointed out. “The business element is going to give much required services to the location plus potential growths.”

The Tamp Street 62 ground, on the other hand, features a surface area of 23,799.2 square m as well as a max gross floor area of 59thousand 498 square meter. Zoned for residential service, the plot has a top structure elevation of Sixty Three to Sixty-four m SHD. It could generate roughly Five hundred ninety EC units.

Huttons Asia’s hopes for the ground to draw in as much as ten prospective buyers, with the main proposal ranging from $5hundred 50 to $6hundred per sq foot per plot ratio.

” The EC location at Tampines St 62 settles in a fully grown estate. Tampines had quite a number of Build-To-Order launches in the last couple of years as well as there is a huge group of potential upgraders seeking to enhance to an executive condominium,” it shared.

” The excellent launch of Parc Central Residences develop proof to the group of need.”

The bidding for the two plots closes on 22July.

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